Leaving at 08:00 for a way tooooooo long transfer to Grootberg. After reaching the Grootberg pass (1540 m) we transferred our stuff on the Lodge Jeeps because of the steep and narrow route to the Grootberg Lodge (grootberg.com), one of the most beautiful places that i’ve ever seen.

Short Game Drive at susnset on the plateau and a very restoring dinner. Cold night with very strong winds and straight go to bed (morning alarm set to 04:30).

June 8 must have been RHINO DAY (never seen a rhino in my whole life, at least in the wild). Maybe because of the strong winds (wildlife seems not to love wind very much as with much noise it is not possible to hear any sound coming from predators) we found almost no animal at all (but we saw the African Wild Cat – no pics 🙁

Animal o’ interest: Aardwolf (Proteles cristatus)

On June 8 evening we moved to Palmwag for one-night stay at Palmwag Lodge (www.palmwaglodge.com) crossing the animal fence (diseases control) at night.