A dense, sunny, funny, technical, crowded Workshop with the National Geographic photoreporter Alessandro Gandolfi in Genoa.

It took a lot of years but finally a sunny weekend saw me wandering (in a structured and defined way, though) trough the streets of my hometown with a Camera in my hand.

The Chance has been the Reportage Workshop with the photoreporter Alessandro Gandolfi, setup by the Pho_To Progetti per la Fotografia Agency targeting the global planning of a reportage: How To’s of the Camera, exploiting the light, searching for the proper subjects and how to tell a good story.

15 people. Overwhelming information. Something very different from the Photography i’m used to.

I found very interesting the suggestion of setting up a storyboard for your reportage of choice (as many famous photographers does, you won’t tell it).


Cristiana Pepe, Federica Gilardi Pho_To Progetti per la Fotografia (http://photoprogetti.com/)

Parallelozero Agency (http://www.parallelozero.com)

Veronica Onofri (www.veronicaonofri.com)

Valentina Fusco (http://www.valentinafusco.it/)

The Nort Face Jacket, Apple MacBook Air, Focaccia, Tamrac Adventure Backpack