Today i’ve been hosted with some nature photography companions of mine at the Museo of Storia Naturale di Genova “G. Doria” by F. Tomasinelli and E. Biggi.

We made some field tests with “copies” of the “subjects” available for visitors at the exposition “Zanne, Corazze, Veleni“.

Phyllocrania paradoxa, commonly named Ghost Mantis, is a small species of mantis from Africa remarkable for its leaf-like body.

Hierodula Membranacea, large mantid, also named “giant Asian mantis” from southeast Asia, male and female adults reach around 10 centimetres, excluding extended forelegs. It is a cannibalistic species, with the females sometimes eating the males after mating.

Hymenopus coronatus, a mantis from the rain forests of southeast Asia, also known as (pink) orchid mantis. It is one of several species known as flower mantises from their resemblance and behaviour.

Lots of friends, lots of mantis

Lots of friends, lots of mantis