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M31, an old friend of mine

This is the M31 galaxy in the Andromeda Constellation. The picture is “technically poor”, but in 1990, with a Canon AE1 camera piggy-back mounted on a Meade 2080 telescope, a 135 mm lens and a Scotch Chrome 800-3200 film, it took me a 15 minutes exposure and a ski suit to obtain a picture like […]

Republiek van Namibië

It’s all about dust: intro (may 30, 31 and June 1, 2014) First comes the Great Wide Open. Shining, Trascendently Splendiferous, ripping apart your mind and blowing it as a thunderstorm. Then enters dust. Anywhere, anytime. On lenses, in your eyes, into your throat. On clothes and bags. Covering your European way of thinking, being, […]